Romance Resources

We’ve recently become aware of the Relationship Coaching Institute® who have some great resources, both for couples and those who’d like to be a part of a couple.

For example, here they have a Knowledge Bank of questions on relationship challenges which were submitted by single readers.  Each question then features three or more responses from RCI coaches providing real-world advice for dating and romantic relationships. Click here for more information:

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Perfect Partner Module

Our first module on Romance, Perfect Partner, is available via The iCoach App on the App Store.  Support & reference materials are located on the dedicated page here: Perfect Partner.

Conscious Dating

Our second module in the Romance category is Conscious Dating, created for us by Relationship Coaching Institute ®.  Hit the Add button within your App to download this new module now.

If you have ideas or suggestions on what you’d like us to include in this or other modules, please let us know! (Use the contact form for simplicity.)