Task management software is a key tool in being effective, and maintaining focus and clarity.

Things app iconomnifocusBoth “Things” and “Omnifocus” are task managers for use on an iPhone / iPod Touch that are based on the principles of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”.  Both Apps have a companion product that runs on the Mac, enabling tasks to be synchronised between your computer and phone.  There are cheaper task managers available but, in our view, these options work very well and are worth the investment.

IMExchangeWindows users are probably already using Microsoft Outlook, which already includes a good task manager. A good app for getting your tasks synchronised with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is iMExchange2, available on the App Store.


Meditation and yoga are age old ways of generating calmness, focus and clarity:

A more recent approach that draws from yoga and other disciplines is Pilates:

Here are some good iPhone / iPod Touch apps to support you in doing Yoga and Pilates:

Important note: we recommend doing a local class to master the basics before using an App such as PumpOne Pilates or PumpOne Yoga.


The following essential oils are good for generating focus and clarity:  Basil, Peppermint and Lemon.  Here is a useful paper on the use of these and other essential oils:

Essential oils such as frankincense, peppermint, rosemary and vetiver have also been shown to clear the mind and improve test scores, writing, and productivity: