The Coach in Your Pocket


Your own personal, portable coach is now available 24/7 on your iPhone or iPod Touch to support you in realising your goals. The next best thing to having a professional coach!

The iCoach supports smart, open minded, ambitious individuals in moving forward easily, effortlessly and elegantly into the life you’ve always dreamed about.

It’s based upon some 40 years’ experience within the iCoach team of enthusiastically gathering, experiencing and testing strategies for success and fulfilment. Strategies that draw from leadership development and business consultancy, buddhism and psychology, and personal development across a broad range of disciplines, from the academically rigorous... to the downright wacky!

We’re ongoingly condensing what we’ve learnt into the iCoach, and packaging it in ways that give you practical, real-life support in achieving maximum results in minimum time.

Our aim is to support you in improving the quality of your life... no matter how great it is already! The iCoach offers you step-by-step action lists, random challenges and practical ideas to help you achieve the results you want, all from within your mobile device.

This app is clear and easy to use and we recommend it to our coaching students so they have a reference tool...
app with well-researched content… offers the chance to work through a clear path to sensible, user-defined goals
this is not an app for those who want their problems solving for them - it's aimed at empowered people who want to achieve even more in the lives.


 The iCoach available on the App Store

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